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Before Physical Therapy: "Excruciating lower back pain, could hardly stand up straight, bend to certain points, unable to lift nieces & nephews, trouble sleeping, etc. And even had trouble standing a full 5 hours while at school."

After Physical Therapy: "Feel much better, able to do everything I could before the motor vehicle accident. I can enjoy life to the fullest without restrictions!! Thank you so very much!!"

- Shannon


Before Physical Therapy: "I felt good."

After Physical Therapy: "I felt excellent!!"

- Bill


Before Physical Therapy: "I came into Professional Therapy Associates with two complaints: First a mid level back injury radiating into the ribs.  The staff quickly diagnosed the problem and were able to resolve the injury. Secondly, I had a chronic low back concern over the last 10 - 15 years. I have been to specialists, physical therapy, pain management and numerous chiropractors.  No one could permanently resolve this issue."

After Physical Therapy: "With respect to my first complaint and primary reason for going to Professional Therapy Associates the staff was able to completely resolve the issue. As for the chronic low back pain, the staff tried numerous remedies and exercises to resolve the issue. Although we have not been able to completely eliminate the pain I have noticed that it is not as frequent or as intense as before. Professional Therapy Associates definately made a difference."

- Danny


Before Physical Therapy: "Daily, I was struggling with a chronic painful tense neck and shoulder muscles. Ron used a variety of treatments to help relieve symptoms."

After Physical Therapy: "I had significant relief from the neck/shoulder pain and also had better range of motion in my neck. I was given a series of exercises to help maintain the results of my PT.

- Joanna