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Akron, OH Physical Therapy Specialists

Our Approach
Here at Professional Therapy Associates we believe in one-on-one personal care. Each patient is evaluated and a customized care plan is developed along with the patient's input. We believe in "continuity of care", and unlike other clinics in the area, you will never see different faces every time you have an appointment. As a solo physical therapy practice, you will always see the same person each time you come in. We are familiar with you and get to know you as an individual. We provide direct hands on care and have specific physical therapy services and techniques, unlike any others in the Summit County area.
Spinal Decompression for low back patients.
Hydroworx 500, an Underwater Treadmill that allows a variety of patient protocols. A versatile piece of equipment used for ankle, knee, hip, low back and shoulder rehabilitation. The Hydroworx 500 is used by professional sports teams and colleges to enhance the healing process allowing us to stress the muscular and skeletal systems, and increase cardiac fitness while eliminating 75% of the patient’s body weight, so gravity is not a factor.
Cold Laser that is FDA approved for Carpal Tunnel symptoms. This increases ATP production and promotes healing while decreasing pain.
Evening hours for the after-work and after-school patients.
Wellness programs that are customized for each client. NO initiation fees. Small monthly charge for use of workout facility. We have a full service workout area with state of the art equipment including aerobic machines, treadmill, recumbent cycle, and upper body ergometer.
Customized Home Exercise Programs to assist patients with activities to enhance their healing and speed up recovery.
Friendly and courteous staff that will work with each patient and help solve any third party issues
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