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Our patients enjoyed knowing some of the most commonly asked physical therapy questions about our office and therapy sessions before their first visit. We’ve provided this page just for you to gather information and access our important patient forms. Feel free to also call our Akron, OH office during business hours at 330.665.0006 for any questions or information not presented in our website.

To reduce waiting time at our office filling out the necessary forms, you may click on the PDF links below to download, fill out and print to bring on your first visit. If you have questions, please call us.


Will I get treatment on my first visit or just an evaluation?

Yes, you will receive a treatment on your first visit, however, part of the first visit will be assessments and tests. The remaining visits will include more hands on treatment.

How long will each treatment last?
Your initial visit will be approximately one hour. Follow up visits will be about 45 minutes per visit depending on what treatments you are receiving.

How should I dress for therapy?
You should wear something comfortable that makes it easy for the physical therapist to evaluate your posture and area of pain. You may change into your comfortable clothing here at our office. It is highly recommended that you wear tennis shoes.

Do I have to have a referral from a physician to see a physical therapist?
In the state of Ohio, Physical Therapists can legally treat a patient without a physician's referral. If the Physical Therapist, at any time during treatment, feels that you are in need of an assessment, we will refer you to your primary physician or a physician that treats your specific disease process. Medicare and some insurance companies may require a prescription for physical therapy from a physician.

Why should I choose Professional Therapy Associates?
We focus on the whole person and how to educate you through your physical therapy treatment. Our goal is to improve your functional ability and decrease your pain. Our one-on-one treatment approach helps to improve continuity of care. You will be welcomed by our friendly staff and feel at ease with our comfortable office atmosphere.

What is the goal of physical therapy?
Our overall objective is to help you return to the highest level of functional activity and to get you back to doing things you enjoy without pain.

How much will physical therapy cost?
The cost will depend on your insurance policy. All insurance policies are different, but we will help you find out what your benefits for physical therapy include. Some policies will have a co-pay and your insurance pays the remaining balance. Other policies charge a percentage of the approved amount. If you do not have insurance benefits, we do accept personal payment for treatment. Please contact our office for any questions at 330.665.0006.

How does the billing process work?
We currently use an outside billing company. If we are given proper insurance information, then our billing company will send claims into your insurance company for you. Once your claim has been processed, we will send you a statement for the remaining balance.

What if I have questions regarding my bill?
Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns. Our office staff will be happy to assist you or forward your questions to our billing company.