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Professional Therapy Associates is the only public physical therapy and rehabilitation facility in Summit County, Ohio providing pool therapy using the HydroWorx Therapy Pool and Underwater Treadmill. The investment in this unique therapy process has created successful results for our patients who are recovering from surgery or who want a conditioning workout to strengthen joints, tendons and muscles. Feel free to also call our Akron, OH office during business hours at 330-665-0006 for any questions or information about the HydroWorx Therapy Pool.

HydroWorx is a world leader in aquatic therapy equipment, who designs and builds rehab, exercise pools, swim spas and portable underwater treadmills for sports and healthcare. Athletic trainers use HydroWorx pools for sports rehab and training. Physical therapists like Professional Therapy Associates in Akron, OH; use HydroWorx hydrotherapy pools for patient rehabilitation and massage therapy. Our HydroWorx pool offers the ultimate in aquatic rehabilitation and exercise versatility with features that include:

Underwater Treadmill
Adjustable Water Temperature
Resistance Therapy Jets
Removable Support Bars
Massage Jets

The HydroWorx allows therapists to take advantage of their patients’ body's buoyancy as a natural resistance. As an outcome, patients who are unable to exercise on land can achieve immediate rehabilitative results while carrying as little as 0% of their bodyweight underwater along with other rehabilitative effects such as:
Eliminates 20% up to 75% of Bodyweight
Enhance Cardiovascular Stamina
Walking, Running, Swimming Use
Increase Range of Motion
Improve Flexibility
Strengthen Muscles
Improve Balance
Decrease Pain Levels
Exercise at Your Own Comfort Level

Low Back Pain
Traumatic Brain Injury
Sports Injuries
Muscle Pain

NFL stars Terrell Owens and Carson Palmer used the HydroWorx pool after injuries sidelined them. Owens, who was expected to be out for several weeks and also miss the Super Bowl, credits the HydroWorx pool with speeding his recovery and allowing him to play in the biggest game of his career. Aquatic therapy helps athletes start the rehab process almost immediately because water lets them workout in a non-weight bearing environment.

Clinical studies have shown that patients improved their overall health and fitness in the HydroWorx pool without the joint trauma and “wear and tear” of working out on land. 4 out of 5 subjects said they preferred exercising in the HydroWorx pool rather than on a land treadmill.

**Studies performed by Dr. Stephen Crouse, Texas A&M and Drs. W. Matthew Silvers and Dennis Dolny, University of Idaho

Join These Elite HydroWorx Users: NBA Cleveland Cavaliers, US Navy Seals, NASA, MLB Cleveland Indians, NFL Cleveland Browns, Ohio State University, even overseas in England with Manchester United soccer team, and now, Professional Therapy Associates in Akron, OH.

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