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Akron, OH Physical Therapy Specialists

Professional Therapy Associates, Inc is a leading provider of physical therapy and sports rehabilitation services in Akron & Northeast, OH. Our team consists of talented employees - both clinical and non clinical - who are results oriented to get you back to active daily living. Need to schedule an appointment? Want to meet for a consultation? Feel free to call us at 330.665.0006 or click here to fill out our convenient online form.
Why Choose Us
We believe in one-on-one personal care. We familiarize ourselves with you on a personal level to get to know you as an individual. Then we work together to relieve pain, increase movement and get you back to feeling healthy and active. We provide direct hands on care and have specific physical therapy services and techniques, unlike any others in the Summit County area.
Ron Kleinman, PT
Past OPTA President

HydroWorx Therapy Pool & Underwater Treadmill

Full Workout Area With
Weights , Physio - balls